Transition Therapy Ultrasonic Liposuction

Ultrasonic Liposuction

What is…. Non-invasive Liposuction? (Ultrasonic Lipolysis)

It’s sometimes referred to as ultrasonic liposuction or Cavitation.

The Ultrasonic liposuction machine uses low frequency ultrasound which is conducted through the skin to break up the fatty tissue into a liquid substance (this is where the term cavitation comes from). This liquid is then passed out of the body when you visit the toilet. (so, in preparation to your treatment drink plenty of water)

The wonderful thing about Cavitation is that it’s perfectly safe & painless. There’s no need for anaesthetic, hospital visits, surgeons or anything else that you normally think of when considering how to reduce the levels of fat in your body. Non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction is one of the only effective inch loss treatments that can be conducted outside of a surgery.

Is it Effective…?

In many cases you’ll see the effects of the Ultrasonic liposuction after just one session. Every person is different of course and some people will need to have a number of sessions before noticing the results. However, you can expect to see smoother, firmer skin, reduced cellulite, inch loss and a reduction in the levels of body fat.

Is it Safe…?

Yes…You don’t have to worry about using the Ultrasonic liposuction machine – it’s perfectly safe. You can use the unit for up to 15 minutes on one area of your body, and up to 30 minutes in one session (Which would be booked as a double session). Make sure that you drink plenty of water to flush away the toxins that result from the breakdown of fat, and then you can continue further treatments after 72 hours.


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