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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

With the cost of an average 20-a-day smoking habit now nearly £60 a week1, if you’re serious about quitting smoking for health or financial reasons, it makes sense to do it properly.

So why does hypnosis work so well? And how is it that some people can quit in just a single session of hypnosis?

The reason hypnosis works so well is, Smoking, like all habits is controlled by the unconscious part of the mind. Hypnosis helps us access the REM state - nature's optimal learning state - and it’s in this state, that your deeper, unconscious mind is more open to new ideas and suggestions.

When your unconscious is reprogrammed you don't have to 'try' not to smoke; the urge is simply no longer there. Up until now of course, your unconscious mind has been programmed, through years of repetition, with the belief that smoking has done something positive for you.

You might have smoked to help you:

  • relieve stress, boredom or other uncomfortable emotions
  • feel more confident in social situations and fit in with your friends
  • concentrate better
  • control your weight (in other words, smoking instead of eating)
  • give you something to do with your hands
  • Or you might have smoked to reward yourself for feeling a certain way

Whilst most of these might be full of positive intentions, not all will be. And this is where I differ from just a Quit smoking therapist; I’m a Qualified Professional Counsellor who will be able to help you identify the real causes that you’re struggling to fully engage with. Where possible this is achieved in one session, these sessions last for a minimum of 90 minutes up to 2 hours and require your dedication throughout. I DO NOT have a magic wand, I have a set of skills which will help you unlock your wants needs and desires in a safe and supportive environment.

1. According to the Tobacco Manufacturer’s Association the average cost of a packet of 20 cigarettes in the UK is now £8.47p.  (That makes the weekly cost of a 20-a-day habit £59.29, monthly it’s £262.57 (based on 31 days in the month) and each year that will cost you £3,091.55.


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